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SummaryI visited India – Goa (4 days), Mumbai (6 days) and Delhi (3 days) – with my wife and two young kids (4 years and 1 years old) in late December 2018 – peak season where the weather is generally...

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SummaryI visited the Douro Valley (3 nights), Algarve (3 nights) and Lisbon (2 nights) with my wife and two young kids (3 years old, 9 months old) in late August 2018 – peak time in Portugal where the...

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SummaryI visited Bermuda (4 nights) in July 2018 – over the July 4th holiday weekend - as part of a long weekend family getaway. 4 nights is the new 3 nights for us - we used to do 3 nights for these short...

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Given America's aversion to taking our earned time off, it be can challenging to consider thinking a...