How can I change my mindset to better prioritize taking time off?

While everyone’s personal and professional situation may be different, I would consider starting with the following suggestions to better hone a vacation mindset:  

  1. Communicate Regularly: Managers/Employees should align expectations to take vacation time
  2. Use All Vacation: 650m+ vacation days go unused annually in the US
  3. Remember - You Earned It: Think of vacation time as an earned right vs. a luxury or privilege
  4. Consider Cost of Overwork: Those who don’t take time off could be more likely to suffer health problems 
  5. Encourage Others: Avoid shaming colleagues out of using vacation or being a vacation resistor
  6. Encourage Yourself: Avoid overwork (work martyr complex) and being shamed out of using vacation 
  7. Embrace Experience vs. Materiality: Experiences last longer through our stories vs. material & physical goods / gifts
  8. Adopt Global View: Under 10% of U.S. graduates study abroad; 60%+ of Americans do not hold a passport
  9. Recognize Professional Benefits: inspiration, Innovation, Diversity, Community, Productivity, Awareness, Focus, Memory, Creativity; Prevent Burnout and Expand Comfort Zone
  10. Anticipate Teachable Lessons: Life is full of culture + adventure; We are more capable than we think; People are fundamentally good + compassionate; Each person is a tiny blip in the universe; Stereotypes are unwarranted; Each person can make a difference; Vulnerability can produce strength 

For a more expanded set of suggestions - including trip planning, execution and aftermath - see our travel tips.

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