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Service We Like: Flytographer

Periodically, we will spotlight services that we use throughout the course of travel in case you may find them meaningfully additive to your experience. The first one we will talk about is called Flytographer

Flytographer is a service whereby a fun, friendly local photographer helps travelers (and / or those planning proposals) capture memories while exploring a local neighborhood, town or city. This community of local photographers operates in 200+ cities globally, helps with proposal ideas and provides a wide range of pricing options for vacations from $250 and proposals from $350. While the community of photographers continues to grow, it is worth considering planning as far out as possible since prime destinations may get booked up as your trip / special date approaches.  

The process from start to finish is also straightforward: 

  • Book - select destination, choose photographer and the Shoot Concierge Team helps plan from there
  • Meet - Once the details are planned, meet up with the local Flytographer to capture memories
  • Receive - Photos are emailed, ready to download and share within 5 days of the shoot

I have used this service on vacation multiple times for different types of occasions – e.g. in Italy for an anniversary and in Hawaii/Sedona with family and friends. The local photographers were great to work with and made the experience enjoyable, not to mention they know the local neighborhoods so intimately that it felt like a mini-tour.

Our preferred package has been the $350 for 60 minutes / 30 photos because not only is it right number of pictures, but it also allows you to explore multiple close by neighborhoods in an hour. If you think about pricing as price / picture, the experience can be a relatively economical way to retain memories from the trip. Each time, the photographer actually sent back a few more pictures than our package called for - a nice touch.

Additionally, the gift card option is a meaningful way to gift an experience to someone as opposed to a physical item. At various points in the year, the company will offer discounted gift card options that you can use for yourself, representing another cost-effective way to leverage the service. 

A growing trend in personal consumption especially for leisure is that experiences provide more happiness than material goods. We retain happiness from vacations in the planning phases (since we “consume” a trip partially by anticipating it) and especially after the trip has passed because the experiences live on in the stories that we share with one another.

While everyone's experience may be different, our own personal experience has been positive so we will keep using flytographer on future trips. Enjoy!

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